Air Purifier For Hospitals

Hospital Air Purifier - The Airborne-germ free enviroment

Air Purifier For Hospitals

In hospitals, in the waiting area outside the doctors consulting room you can find many people are waiting for there turn. They are generally patients having different problems where immunity power is always a challenge. Having good quality air in such area helps people very well. Even the situation in the offices, gymnasiums, restaurants is similar where different people visits and spend time. Vekon's "FreshKon" Air purifier in such area provides healthy air to people. Eight stage purifier which has UV light also safeguard you from allergies. This Air Purifier comes with the display which shows you exact pollution in the room. You can also change fan speed depending on need. The fan motor is copper wound makes purifier very reliable. The user friendly display give you warning for changing the filter.


• CADR : 420 M3/h Formaldehyde
• CADR: 68 M3/H
• Usable Area: 50-70 m2
• Anion concentrations: 5 million
• UV Power : 5 W UV
• Power: 65 W
• Voltage: 220 V


• Actual Pollution Level
• Actual Temperature
• Actual Humidity Level Control Fan Speed
• Filter Change Notification
• Timer
• Sleep Mode