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Air-Purifier For Home, Office, Hospital & Car

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India is a developing country where lot new infrastructure projects are coming up all across the country. The dust which comes out of these construction work is makes air polluted. Dust cause the challenges to human being.We supply of complete range of Air Purifiers which can be used in car, office & home to protect your health from pollution.

Data Centre -

In critical space like Data centre downtime is very big challenge . We work proactively and find out the problems even before it occurs .We help customers right from building the data centres and then help in manging the Data Centre. We conduct Power Quality Audit, Air Conditioning audits, We conduct audits for Fire system, access controls system.

UPS System and Accessories

We are the Authorised Business Partners of Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) which is a leading brand from Japan . We support there UPS division. The products are very reliable and widely used in Critical applications like Data Centre , critical Industrial & IT applications.

Electric Vehicle & Charging Infrastructure Consulting

We help our customers to build Electric scooters & Rickshaws .We also help in building EV charging stations for Electric cars.



Lithium ion batteries

We are the authorised Partners for Panasonic Energy for there Lithium ion batteries for Energy storage solutions. We are capable to help our customers from IT,BFSI , ATM segments to build the solutions and protect critical loads by use of Lithium batteries

In todays world Air pollution is a big challenge , Globally there is a Index which is called AQI which gives an idea about impact on humans with the level of pollution.

We find in the winter time pollution level goes up in many cities ,city like Delhi runs programme of odd-even for car travel in the capital city.

People who stay near highways ,area where constructions are going on, area near Industrial estates makes life difficult for common man as the pollution which is not even visible to the eye can make human sick.

The Air Purifier is the best solution for these people to protect themselves from pollution.

Why you need Air Purifier in office, house, factory?

Air Pollution is fact of life. No matter what type of home you live in, or where you are located in nature, small particles in air will settle on horizontal surfaces of your office, home. If you see the pollution sources are many and the dust which comes from the pollution is always of different size which is as given in the following picture.


Pollution in the form of dust what you see on the horizonal surfaces if very dangerous .It goes to your throat when you actually. Then it passes to your lungs. Hence controlling the dust is very important .Especially kids and elderly people suffer due to pollution and they have breathing trouble ,asthma etc.

Air Purifier


What is Dust Made of?

It is a common myth that household dust is mostly comes from window if you are staying near road where there is a vehicle traffic .Another source of dust is from construction sites, if you pets at home then there hair will be moving all around you at home.

In fact, the accurate composition of indoor dust will vary between each and every household, and is based upon a number of factors, including how many people and pets live in the home, the outdoor environment,. For most of us, however, dust is mostly made of particle that invent outside.

Outside particles may contain pollen, mold spores, and other organic debris.

Air Purifier Can reduce dust in your room

All of these small particles move around inside the room which comes from outside or get created inside by pets , cigarettes they move along with air and also settles on horizontal surface in the room. Freshkon Air purifier in your room , has Fan with copper wound Electric motor reliable motor. The dust which is coming inside the room will be pulled and will passed through the high quality HEPA filters.The dust particles will be filtered by HEPA filters and a clean air will flow in room .You can breath very smoothly without any problem.


The dusty air gets filtered through multiple filters .The details of filtration process is given as below.

Fresh Air

Five features, protect you fresh air without bacteria :

  • Natural solid aromatherapy technology, make refreshing remission driving fatigue. Using natural aromatherapy solid technology, natural fragrant plants breath makes your driving journey full of romance.
  • We can solve PM2.5 problem by our HEPA technology. The negative ion is large than positive ion,and suspended particte such as dust,pollen will be attached to the negativeion by the electrostatic adsorption and these negative ions with PM2.5 combine with positive ions in the fast speed. Finally the dust, pollen ect all drop on the ground that we breath just fresh air without PM2.5.
  • Smillion high concentration negative ion technology: purify the blood, eliminate harmful free radicals. High concentration of negative ion generator inside, the release of 5million negative ions per second, create natural forest bathing environment. Make inside of your car air fresh and natural without dust.
  • Nano activated carbon adsorption technology: can fast adsorption inside of the car peculiar smell. Activated carbon nano particles, due to use nano technology, the adsorption capacity general activated carbon is higher hundreds than norma!.Like formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia ect others harmful gases,can rapid elimination in closed environment of cigarette smoke, alcohol ect other odor pollution or leather goods, jewelry smelll, eliminating decomposition car exhaust of harmful to human health chemical substances, can adsorption below2. 5 microns floating particles make fresh air in your car.
  • Ozone sterilization, disinfection purification. The effective collisions of huge negative and positive ions candecompose the TVOC. The dirty gas molecule in the air is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.Our purifier can solve the smell formaldehyde, perfume and nicotine.